Dynamics Exercises 1

  • These exercises will help build your dynamics control. Good dynamic control is vital to creating good sound, feel, texture and groove.

Exercise 1

  • Play 16th notes between the Hi-hat and snare.
  • Play all the snare notes as ghost notes (written with brackets) – as quiet as you can. Hold the snare drum stick no more than 2 inches away from the head.
  • The snare notes fall on the off beat 16ths – the e’s and ah’s.
  • Accent on the beat with the hi hat.
  • Once you feel comfortable with this, play variations of bass drum patterns

Exercise 2

  • Add a back beat on the snare – on beats 2 & 4.
  • You may have to omit the ghost notes surrounding the accented notes to make it easier to play.

Exercise 3

  • To build control playing loud and soft notes consecutively practice the doubles exercises.
  • Accent the first on the double stroke, then accent the second note.
  • Play to a metronome and alternate every 1 bar, 2 bars, 1/2 bar.

Exercise 4 – More accent control

  • Play 16th note single strokes –  R L R L – Accenting 1st 16th note of every beat.
  • Then move the accent to the 2nd note, 3rd, note, 4th note.
  • Then play combinations.
  • Write out all the combinations on paper, if your unsure of what it should be.